If you’re like most parents, you are always on the lookout for healthy activities that you can do as a family. Rafting is one of the few activities where the family is in the same “boat” – and everyone in that boat is having a great time. Unlike going to amusement parks or water parks, this rafting experience represents some real “together” quality time working as a family. We see it every year – families that raft together stay together! Imagine the fun of learning to work together as a team… then maybe letting your daughter or your son “take over as Captain of the Raft”. That is some cool energy right there. There is so much more going on here than a mere raft trip. The experience of working together in the adventure setting of the picturesque Lehigh Gorge State Park has a really great effect on bringing a family closer. The great part is that you get to feel closer to your kids, your kids feel closer to you, and all this good stuff happens in just a few hours in a raft! Step out of the usual stuff this year and put your family together on a Jim Thorpe River Adventure of your very own!

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