We get the question all the time… “are rafting trips safe?” The short, honest answer is “no it isn’t safe… we practice hard to make it as safe as we can.” This answer sometimes shocks people – but it is honest. River rafting is an outdoor adventure activity, with an element of risk. You’re in a raft, on a real whitewater river, and you’re in the heart of Mother Nature. This type of managed risk is everywhere – skiing, snowboarding, water-skiing, bicycle riding, driving a car… the list goes on and on. This risk in the sport of whitewater rafting is one reason why people think it is exciting. Its one reason why people go home to their lives after a rafting trip refreshed, recharged, and ready for anything. The owners and river guide staff spent a lot of time on the river, practicing to get better at what we do. Our guides all go through a state-certified training program. We have a training program that includes lots of practice in how to maximize the fun of our rafting guests as well as what to do if things don’t go perfectly. So to be honest, we do a lot to make sure we make our rafting trips as safe as possible. You can trust that we’re doing our part to provide you with as safe a rafting trip as we can.

For Your Safety – alcohol and illegal drugs are prohibited and never a good idea anyway. We must refuse, without refund and by law, any person who is intoxicated. Jim Thorpe River Adventures, Inc. assumes no liability for personal injury or loss of personal gear or equipment. You will be asked and required to sign a waiver of liability prior to your trip.

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