Want to get out on the water, and go easy? Do you have young kids, or something to do later in the day? Do you have physical concerns? Explore this enjoyable trip!

Intro to Whitewater

This fun-packed Lehigh river trip is our 10 miles long PA whitewater rafting experience. You’ll spend 4+ hours on the river. Expect to spend about 6 hours here with us.

BigTime Whitewater

This is our most challenging and longest river rafting trip. You’ll be paddling your boat, with our guides paddling alongside you in a kayak, directing you at every turn.

Get Out On the Water! Whitewater Rafting is an awesome way to get outside, unwind, and recharge!

Break Away and Make It a Day to Play!

Come out for a day in the fresh air and enjoy exciting river rapids, Lehigh Gorge scenery and crisp Pocono Mountain air. Let this beautiful area become an outdoor adventure memory that will last a lifetime. Join us at Jim Thorpe River Adventures to enjoy whitewater rafting Poconos style!

Enter the Jim Thorpe River Adventure Zone!

You’ll find skilled, dedicated river professionals who’ve trained hard to prepare! Get ready for the best in a Whitewater Rafting in the Poconos Experience!

In addition to everything rafting, we offer inflatable kayak trips and rockin’ bike trips – all through the Lehigh Gorge State Park. Have you been there yet? That park is amazing!

From EasyWater to BigTime Whitewater Rafting, we have a trip for you!

Our top-notch Adventure Specialists love to help our guests decide which trip is just right for the experience they’re looking for, whether you’re coming solo, with friends of the whole family! We love discussing the options and helping you select the perfect-fit trip, so call us and let’s figure it out together! (610) 377-1230.

On a Gorgeous Day, Take Me To The River!

Here is a little video of the rafting experience for you to enjoy!



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