The simple answer is “YES” you need to be reasonably fit to take a raft trip. One of our raft trips, EasyWater Rafting, is well-suited to those people who may not be as fit as they would like to be. It is still a raft trip, you’ll still enjoy nice rapids, but they’re shorter rapids, followed by longer pools. You get a quick shot of excitement, then a good amount of time to cool down, relax, and swim next to your raft. Another of our raft trips, Introduction to Whitewater Rafting, is a step up in length, and in intensity, but still one of those trips we recommend for people who question their fitness level. Our high-adventure trip, the BigTime Whitewater Rafting Trip, requires the most amount of fitness, both physical and mental. You’re on the water, paddling your raft, for 5 hours. You’ll need enough energy to paddle through over 20 named Class 2-3 rapids. There is loads of excitement and thrills, but some people might think this is too long and too exciting of a trip. That’s why we have a number of different river rafting trips available.

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