You’ll get a big YES! answer out of us on this one.

Kids just totally unwind when you put them in a raft on a beautiful river! It may seem nearly impossible to distract young ones from their electronic device world, yet every day we see the magic of the Lehigh River focus kids young and old. Look up the phrase “Nature Deficit Disorder” – the concept of playing outside is getting a little lost these days. We all know the benefits of physical activity and being outdoors with just the right dose of sunshine. What you might not realize is that a rafting trip is an overpowering playful distraction from that reliance on electronics. We constantly hear kids yelling out “this is the best day EVER!!” while they are rafting with their families. Surely they’re not going to forget their devices – but for a few hours they will be transformed into adventurous, physical people!

Kids love whitewater rafting with JTRA

Children in a raft can act as an “equal” partner in paddling the raft, fostering a real sense of accomplishment whether they are with friends or family. Seeing a hundred smiles come off the river each day is evidence enough for us. Rafting with Kids is something to be experienced first-hand. This is a very affordable way to fire up the love of the outdoors in your kids. There is something brand new to deal with every minute on a raft trip – guiding and steering the raft, finding the best waves and rapids, enjoying the banter between friends, and lots of laughter. Kids (and some adults we know) love waterfights, too! Get your kids out here in the Great Outdoors – a Lehigh River raft trip is a close to home solution to a really positive, really affordable outdoor adventure experience for them!

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